Choosing a learning management system (or LMS) can feel overwhelming. LMS vendors advertise a multitude of features using complex jargon that doesn’t tell you whether the platform would meet your training needs. The industry also embraces trends before they’re completely understood, adding to the confusion. For example, many LMS vendors are pushing their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities right now. 

Docebo represents a breath of fresh air in this regard since they aren’t new to AI. Their LMS, Docebo Learn, has been advertised as an AI-powered platform for years, meaning they know what they’re doing with it. Great AI wouldn’t mean much if the rest of the features were subpar, but thankfully, Docebo consistently delivers an outstanding training experience for users (learners and admins) as well. is focused on bringing you the details you need about the best learning platforms out there including Docebo, one of founder Craig Weiss’s top 10 learning systems for 2023. When you sign up for a free account at, you can get more information, compare Docebo against another top-rated platform, and contact LMS vendors directly without leaving the site. But first, let’s talk more about Docebo’s unique features.

Docebo process: proven successful

The Docebo Learning Suite leverages AI to provide each employee or customer with an experience that’s built to prepare them — and your entire business — for today, tomorrow, and the future. Docebo’s LMS is called Learn and can drive training right out of the box. However, you can add more features by purchasing add-ons including Content, Learning Impact, and Learning Analytics. Together, the system is called the Docebo Learning Suite and makes up an engaging, intuitive social learning environment  ready to scale for any number of end users. Let’s take a look at how these four elements work:

  • Docebo Learn LMS is feature-rich: 

Docebo’s learning management system provides you with the ability to get your training programs online in a snap. With the ability to integrate extensions like gamification, professional certifications, and much more, it’s easy to customize your LMS to suit a team of any size. 

Docebo Learn is also where you’ll find the system’s AI capabilities. AI-based reskilling and upskilling allow users to receive the training they need to grow as individuals, becoming more agile and adaptable without manual course enrollments. All content is automatically tagged with skills from the Docebo Skills Catalog and up to 10 keywords, saving valuable admin time while making content more searchable. If a user isn’t finding the courses they need through recommendations, AI-powered deep search is available. 

Other LMS vendors have machine-learning features similar to those described above, but Docebo Learn also has gen-AI tools. The Docebo Virtual Coach provides learners a unique experience through conversations, functioning like ChatGPT. Users can ask the chatbot for recommended content and content related to a specific topic, monitor their training progress, and even answer multiple-choice questions generated by AI. This artificial intelligence software is accessible on desktop and through the Go.Learn mobile app for added flexibility. 

Docebo Learn offers other great features as well including integrations with popular software such as Salesforce and an intuitive UI (or user interface) for both learners and administrators. A robust suite of security features ensures that your business data will never be compromised. Docebo Learn is the solid base all of the extensions and add-ons expand upon. 

  • Docebo offers off-the-shelf content: 

You can author courses on Docebo, but there’s a better way to get training content on the platform. Docebo Content is a trustworthy off-the-shelf content marketplace filled with training courses. Free- and fee-based mobile-ready courses are instantly available to be shared with your learners. Content covering onboarding, retention, partner and customer network growth, and more are available. 

Docebo Content pricing has three levels: two that allow you to choose a certain number of courses and one that provides access to the entire training library. The highest level also lets users choose which courses they want to take, allowing for an even more personalized training experience. You also get the assistance of a Docebo Content specialist who can provide support as you choose courses. Why spend time and energy authoring courses when great training content is already available?

  • Learning Impact provides superior survey software: 

Docebo Learn includes basic data and analytics, but adding Learning Impact takes things to a whole new level. Docebo Learning Impact focuses on optimizing training through custom surveys that incentivize learners to respond through A/B testing, automatic reminders, and more. The results are presented on a clear, easy-to-read dashboard that helps you identify any potential areas of improvement. Learning Impact also gives you actionable steps to make training more effective.

  • Review your data with Learning Analytics: 

Collecting data is one thing, but turning it into actionable insight is what helps organizations grow. With Docebo Learning Analytics, you get the tools you need to analyze your data, no matter how much you’ve got! Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on specific business KPI progress or measure user engagement, Learning Analytics can help. Learning Analytics tells a data story that helps you better understand what your reports are telling you. You’ll also receive suggestions on how you might adjust any training programs that might not be performing to your standards.

Create a free account on and see if Docebo is right for you

Docebo customers give Docebo top rankings and are, in general, very satisfied with its features and performance. It’s a strong option for sure, but selecting an online training platform is a decision with a ton of moving parts: technical requirements, specific feature requests, and more. It’s best to seek expert help before choosing a platform. includes all of the details you need on Docebo, including the option to compare it against other leading LMS vendors. When you register for an account, you get access to reviews of more than 100 e-learning platforms (including Docebo). Craig Weiss and his team are committed to helping you make the best decision possible with a detailed comparison tool and expert knowledge that only comes from years in the LMS industry. Create a free account at and find your newest training platform today!

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