Acting as the point person for employee training can be a challenging role, so many companies turn to a learning management system, or LMS, to assist in organizing and delivering training. While this works well in many organizations, others are seeking more engagement to encourage communication and professional development. A learning experience platform (LXP) focuses on providing employees a place to explore and grow, choosing their training path intuitively.

If you’re frustrated by the search for an e-learning solution that meets your company’s requirements, don’t despair; we’ve got the solution. Signing up for a free account at provides you with a database and comparison tool for dozens of LMS and LXP options. We exclusively focus on e-learning, giving you the in-depth knowledge you need on LXPs from Degreed and Edcast to Totara Engage and Percipio by Skillsoft. And if you’re still on the fence, can help you narrow down the search by filtering out the LXPs that aren’t right for your company.

What Are the Differences Between an LXP and an LMS?

These days, most corporate training is delivered via an e-learning system — it’s both simpler and more effective than holding in-person sessions. But those are just two examples of why the LXP market is booming. While both LXP and LMS options are designed to deliver training content to your employees, there are a couple of key differences:

  • An LMS is the best way to deliver precisely structured internal training content. 
  • An LXP can support a wide array of content from sources both inside and outside a company’s firewall, integrating with other e-learning content providers (both open-source and licensed) like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Open Sesame, GO1, and more.
  • An LMS focuses on the needs of the company to deliver training and online learning to employees, customers, or both.
  • An LXP focuses on customized employee development, providing tailor-made content that’s relevant to individual employees’ professional goals, using materials like blog posts, articles relevant to a specific industry, custom-made training modules, MOOCs, videos, gamification, and more. 

How Can Help Me Find An LXP?

An LXP gives you and your employees more flexibility and personalization around training, but it’s important to do your research. With a projected annual growth rate of over 50%, the LXP market is flooded with different platforms, making it tough to find the LXP that’s got what your business needs. And for those looking for both LMS and LXP, is there an LMS suite that includes an LXP that works for your needs? At, we go beyond providing you comprehensive information about learning management systems. You also get unlimited access to the wisdom of e-learning guru Craig Weiss on LXP, LMS, talent development, and other learning systems. 

Almost one-third of L&D professionals want to incorporate gamification and open-source content into their programs, but many lack the time to do the comprehensive research that’s required to find the perfect solution. That’s where comes in. Our comparison tool does the hard work for you, allowing you to compare all of the details you need to know, like AI and gamification capabilities, learner curation options (sharing, commenting, ratings), and so much more. And after you narrow down your search to the LXP that’s got all the right stuff, you can contact the company directly through

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