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If you’re not using an online learning management system (LMS) by now, your company might be left behind. Surveys show that the majority of organizations, from SMBs on up, are already using e-learning. One reason corporate e-learning increases retention rates by up to 60% as compared to face-to-face learning is that users have more control over the learning process. E-learning lets your employees choose when and where to take part in training, removing the pressure and distractions of in-person sessions.  

Whether you’re already using an LMS and are interested in making a change or you’re completely new to the world of learning management systems, we can help. Created by noted LMS expert Craig Weiss, is the premier source for all things corporate e-learning, from research and comparison of different LMS options to helping you connect with the system that’s best for your company. With a free account at, you can compare more than 100 comprehensive profiles of different learning systems, including Cornerstone LMS. One of the top-rated LMS available today, Cornerstone gives admins a powerful yet simple solution to meet your company’s learning objectives. 

Simplify System Management With Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone’s Learning Management System is a web-based continuous learning solution that inspires collaboration, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement. Cornerstone can take you all the way from “hire to retire,” with the ability to manage everything from customer education to continuing on-the-job training. You have the option to create your own content or take advantage of Cornerstone’s vast selection of third-party content subscriptions that are available focusing on professional skills, leadership and management, compliance, and more. 

This modern solution enables the organization to administer, deliver, and track training at scale. With robust, comprehensive reporting and analytics, you get an accurate window into how your employees are progressing and growing. Cornerstone LMS also offers industry-leading support: 24/7 live help is available via phone or chat, helping to ensure that you and your employees have a smooth training experience from start to finish.

Cornerstone LMS And Your Employees

Cornerstone LMS is a great choice on the employee side too. Cornerstone LMS gives you the opportunity to provide your employees with unmatched personalized coaching and development. Their focus on employee-driven development training using their Learning Experience Platform provides modern, personalized learning for each user. Cornerstone LMS features an intuitive interface that encourages employee engagement. 

Cornerstone also appeals to our modern lifestyle, delivering Netflix-style content that’s totally bingeable. Its gamification abilities encourage friendly competition as well, helping your employees get and stay up-to-date on all their training while being entertained at the same time. 

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If your company is ready to level up your corporate e-learning training, turn to to help you select the system that’s best suited to your organization’s needs. Nearly 100% of companies are looking to incorporate e-learning into their training, and it’s critical to keep up with your competitors. Because is focused exclusively on the learning sector, we give you the most accurate and detailed way to learn about Cornerstone LMS and other online onboarding and training systems. gives you the unique opportunity to compare Cornerstone LMS with other options that you may already have in mind, or those that you find while filtering your search. Backed by the expertise of noted LMS expert Craig Weiss and his skilled team, can help you make the right choice for your company. Sign up for a free account at and get your search for a new corporate e-learning platform started today.

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