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It’s important for employees to receive the opportunity to develop new skills, especially within the digital realm, outside of their regular duties. Nearly one-third of employees report that their employer already provides sufficient upskilling and reskilling training, but well over 75% are ready to reskill but lack the opportunity. And L&D pros are aware of these needs, particularly with the variety of environments our employees work from. Online e-learning works for everyone, whether they work from home, have a hybrid schedule, or are in the office full-time.

If you’re using an e-learning system to manage your training, you’re already aware of the ways that it can help to boost your employees’ training. If you’re not, you might be looking for a better way to provide your staff with more opportunities to grow. FindAnLMS.com is a site that focuses exclusively on e-learning, helping you research, compare, and contact your learning software options of choice. With a free account at FindAnLMS.com, there are detailed reviews of over 100 LMS solutions such as Learn Amp. One of the best systems for reskilling, upskilling, and talent development, Learn Amp gives L&D a user-friendly, feature-packed way to meld employee development and company-focused goals successfully.

Learn Amp: One-Stop Upskilling, Reskilling, and Talent Development 

Learn Amp is a great way for you to give your team the chance to learn new skills and solidify their foundational knowledge. Learn Amp is a complete learning ecosystem, encompassing features of LMS, LXP, and talent development platforms. With a great support team available to help you make the most of Learn Amp’s abilities, an easy-to-navigate platform, and great third-party training content available to incorporate into your company’s training plan, there are few systems more popular than Learn Amp.

Learn Amp’s strengths lie in its unique combination of LMS and LXP features with actionable metrics that provide employees with their own best path to success in a single solution. Surveys and check-ins help you manage performance to help your team combine personal successes and company goals, all in one. With AI-driven personalization abilities, employees also receive a personalized skill development experience. A user-friendly, interactive, predictive interface greets both employees and admins, providing flexibility for all. Learn Amp also provides unparalleled support for admins with an online service desk that’s both available and approachable.

Employers tend to be most impressed by the way Learn Amp engages users. Whether you’re training new hires and junior-level employees or management team members, using a system that encourages engagement is vital. A high-quality e-learning platform like Learn Amp allows a more hands-off approach to upskilling or reskilling as well, making training a more efficient process for all. 

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When you’re ready to learn more about all the ways you can give your corporate e-learning a boost, let FindAnLMS.com help you decide on the platform that’s right for you. If you’re not one of the companies that have already incorporated online corporate e-learning into their training plan, you’re missing out on real benefits — both for yourself and for your employees. Using FindAnLMS.com helps you decide by providing you with the most comprehensive and accurate information on all types of online upskilling, reskilling, and talent development platforms. And FindAnLMS.com also points you to Craig’s personal blog, where you can read a valuable post giving you a list of the top 100 learning systems in the world for 2021 and 2022.

You can rely on FindAnLMS.com to give you the most insightful opinions on your options as well. Backed by years of experience, Craig Weiss and his team deliver the information that you need to pick the right system for your company, whether it’s Learn Amp or another platform. Get started with a free account at FindAnLMS.com today.

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