How to Find a Corporate E-Learning Platform For Your Company

It’s a fact: every business’s most important asset is its employees. Without your team, reaching your goals would be impossible. However, hiring the right people is only half the job — the other half needs to be taught. Instead of the time-consuming all-staff meetings of the past, companies today are choosing to train employees with corporate e-learning using a learning management system, or LMS. Studies have shown that e-learning increases retention rates by up to 60% and expands an organization’s income by up to 42%, so it pays to invest in your employees.

However, the wide variety of learning management systems available can make it difficult to find the right one for your company’s needs. At, you’ll find an industry-leading site created by LMS expert Craig Weiss that’s focused on providing companies with a way to research, compare, choose, and get more information on over 100 learning systems, including LXP, LMS, and Talent Development. 

How Does Work?

When you sign up for a free account at, you get access to a catalog of detailed LMS profiles along with a research and comparison tool for all types of learning management platforms. At, we go the extra mile to stand out from competitors’ LMS comparison sites. Instead of trying to do too much, we specialize in learning management systems exclusively to provide you with all of the information that you need to know when choosing a corporate elearning solution. While other sites give you watered-down descriptions and few details, gives you in-depth information on over 100 different learning systems and customer education systems, from Docebo and Intellum to Thought Industries and SkillJar. helps you narrow down the platforms that are best suited for your company, giving you the option to sort by industry, segment, budget, audience, course standards, and of course, Craig’s overall rating. You can even filter by the technical aspects of a prospective LMS like system type, deployment type, and migration support. is more than just a resource for learning management systems, though. We can also help you find an LXP platform that meets your personalization needs, from Degreed to EdCast. In addition to providing you with top-notch, detailed information on LMS and LXP options, we can also help you find a talent development system that works seamlessly with your HR department’s existing processes, whether that’s Schoox, Juno Journey, or another system that’s right for your needs.

Why Choose

In addition to helping you choose between several different LMS options, is able to help you dig deeper into learning management systems you’re already interested in. focuses exclusively on giving you an unbiased point of view of a wide range of LMS solutions on the market. We provide you with a wealth of information on each system, from broad information like estimated setup time to finer details like an LMS’s ability to create a custom library of skills, include a discussion board, or embed media. 

If you’re undecided, the site also allows you to filter out any LMS that don’t meet your needs, helping you narrow down the LMS that’s right for your company. After choosing up to four different LMS options, our site allows you to compare pricing, branding abilities, event management, gamification, and more. You can also save specific systems that you’re interested in, making it simple to find them again. And once you’ve found a few corporate e-learning platforms that fit the bill, you can reach out to those companies directly through — it couldn’t be easier. 

Find Your Corporate E-Learning Platform Now

If you’re considering taking your corporate e-learning training to the next level, let do the work. Backed by the expertise of world-class LMS expert Craig Weiss and his team,’s focus on LMS and LXP solutions gives you the best and easiest way to find, compare, and get in touch with over 100 learning systems, including LXP, LMS, and Talent Development. And in addition to LMS and LXP tech, gives you the best way to research the talent development systems that help you find — and keep — the very best employees in your field. Ninety-eight percent of corporations currently use or plan to use e-learning, so to keep an edge, you need a trusted resource to find what’s right for your organization. To get started on, create your free account today and get your employees on the fast track to effective corporate training.

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