Bluevolt Training Makes Partner Learning a Collaborative Experience

Bluevolt Training Makes Partner Learning a Collaborative Experience

Most organizations invest in marketing so that consumers understand who they are and the value they can provide. Most organizations also invest in employee and partner training to improve company morale while ensuring that their training program prepares workers for the challenges of tomorrow. Bluevolt LMS (or learning management system) is a single platform designed to help with both of these needs, allowing organizations to market and train in one convenient place.

At its core, the Bluevolt system is an online learning tool comparable to many other platforms. The big differentiator is an extensive network of partners, affiliates, associations, manufacturers, distributors, and buying groups sharing their expertise with Bluevolt customers at no additional charge or a nominal fee. When you sign up for a Bluevolt account, you immediately gain access to a wealth of industry-specific courses and resources built directly into the system. 

It’s an interesting combination, and while the platform provides unique solutions for some, it may not be right for every company. Craig Weiss, widely recognized as one of the most prominent voices in the elearning industry, curates comprehensive learning system reviews on His goal is to help organizations of all sizes better understand the options available to them and achieve their training goals. If you enjoy the following Bluevolt review, you can create a free account on for additional insight from the man himself. Let’s get started!

What Is Bluevolt LMS?

Bluevolt is a unique online training tool combining a great product training system with a robust sharing network comprised of more than 5,000 manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, and industry associations. More than 1.2 million people and entities contribute knowledge to the network. The idea is that partners can promote and share up-to-date product knowledge and best practices for selling them, putting more money into everyone’s pockets. 

For example, let’s say your business sells virus protection software. You can offer courses to help channel partners explain the benefits of your solutions to potential customers, customer training courses so clients get as much out of your products as possible, and continuing education courses on what makes viruses so scary in the first place. Since all of these courses are stored in the Bluevolt network, your organization may gain new partners by offering top-notch content to existing ones. 

All information comes straight from the source, so partners will know what they are talking about and minimize customer confusion during sales pitches. Likewise, you always retain full control over your courses and can edit them at any time.

Bluevolt places a strong emphasis on partner and affiliate training, so it probably isn’t the solution for you if your organization only needs a routine employee learning and development program. However, it offers substantial growth opportunities for any organization looking to expand its affiliate network. 

What features does this LMS offer to enhance online training and learning?

Bluevolt includes most of the standard features you would expect from a modern online learning system, including virtual conferencing, dedicated product portals, compliance and safety centers, and employee development programs. Here are four of Bluevolt’s most exciting features:

  1. Enroll learners in custom or premade courses

Administrators can create custom courses or pick and choose from a constantly updating library of pre-made options. Custom courses are great for hyping up your products and getting channel partners enthusiastic about selling them. If your organization offers content on more generic topics like leadership training, pre-made courses are often the better bet. 

  1. Gamification of courses

The best training in the world amounts to nothing if learners don’t enroll, so you need to incentivize partners to log in. Bluevolt supports incentivized learning through “$BlueBucks,” a type of online currency exchangeable for gift cards and other rewards that learners earn for completing courses. This adds gamification to the equation in a fun way that other companies aren’t doing. Learners receive automated reminders when a new course becomes available, and administrators can track who is taking what easily.

  1. Built-In Analytics

Bluevolt offers data-tracking tools, but the analytics are bested by other systems. The smart move is to take advantage of the software’s REST-based API to integrate it with powerful tracking tools such as Salesforce, Paypal, and Google for your analytics needs. Bluevolt is backed by outstanding customer support, so you’ll have help whenever you need it as well.

  1. e-Commerce Capabilities

If your goal is to sell training content to other companies, Bluevolt offers robust e-commerce capabilities to drive revenue. Courses can be translated into more than 100 languages and shared outside the system as deployed SCORM files, making it easy for partners and affiliates to access the training materials you provide even if they use a different LMS. Like most cloud-based solutions, Bluevolt is automatically updated regularly, though some complain that these updates reconfigure menus too frequently. Regardless, your data will be secure in the Bluevolt network. is the best way to find an LMS

Bluevolt offers an intriguing suite of features but may not be the right fit for you if your organization doesn’t have too many established partners. The strong focus on affiliate and partner training is a benefit to some and a hindrance to others. At the same time, adding content to the network could help your business stand out.

With so many e-learning platforms to choose from, finding the right fit can be tough. If you aren’t sure of the difference between an LXP and a course management solution, the industry’s misleading lingo could prove particularly difficult to decipher. As CEO and Lead Analyst of the Craig Weiss Group, Inc., Craig Weiss is in a unique position to offer an expert perspective on hundreds of training platforms. He created to offer vendor reviews, industry insight, and more to the masses. Create a free account on today and start comparing unbiased reviews! It’s the best way to help your organization unleash its full potential.

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