Absorb LMS AI Gives Artificial Intelligence a Use Case with Absorb Intelligence

Few things are as buzzy in L&D circles right now as artificial intelligence (AI), but most of the hype centers around nothing. Every LMS (or learning management system) vendor will tell you they have it, with many calling it ChatGPT or simply GPT since that’s the brand name most people are familiar with. Unfortunately, they do poorly articulating the distinction between machine learning and Gen-AI and fail to explain how either can help your organization’s learners pursue their training goals. 

Absorb LMS, an enterprise LMS recently included among the top 10 online training system vendors, is changing the game with Absorb Intelligence: a brand-new suite of AI tools placing the needs of learners and administrators at the forefront. With Absorb Intelligence, users can receive content recommendations tailored to their roles, get more out of educational videos with Absorb Pinpoint, and streamline LMS administration. 

Of course, you shouldn’t pick an LMS based on one feature no matter how powerful. Craig Weiss, an e-learning expert who has dedicated his career to the field since it was called WBT (web-based training), created FindAnLMS.com as a resource to help regular people and organizations find the right LMS for their learners. You can create a free account on FindAnLMS.com today to start comparing top vendors head-to-head or continue reading to discover the true capabilities of Absorb Intelligence. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the field where computer science and robust data sets come together to enable complex problem-solving. It includes a variety of use cases ranging from chess bots that can outplay any human to algorithms that recommend a YouTube video to you. 

For L&D purposes, the two most important forms of AI are machine learning and gen-AI. Machine learning focuses on data sets and algorithms to simulate how humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy. Machine learning can tailor search results to an individual’s unique needs. It also plays an essential role in most AI applications but isn’t synonymous with the term itself. 

Gen-AI is an acronym for “generative artificial intelligence” and refers to any application capable of generating fresh content (audio, video, text, etc.). The technology can answer questions automatically like a chatbot and assist users in analyzing data. ChatGPT, created by a company called OpenAI, is the most well-known example but isn’t the most powerful or newest gen-AI tool on the market. 

What roles can AI play in an LMS?

Gen-AI in particular can make an LMS sound advanced, so many vendors are eager to include it among their feature lists. Sadly, the public doesn’t know that much about the technology yet, allowing unscrupulous vendors to get away with calling machine learning gen-AI without connecting it to benefits for learners. 

If your business wants to leverage this technology to streamline training for learners, here are three significant benefits to look for:

Accurate LMS training content rankings

Some tools take notice of how often specific documents are selected after a search, increasing their ranking for subsequent searches. This helps learners find the information they need more efficiently, driving engagement and improving results. 

Streamlined LMS search results

If a training course is popular among a group of learners, machine learning can help ensure that other learners find it by boosting it up the rankings. This encourages skill development while helping all learners access the best content. 

Easy LMS administration

These tools can answer requests of varying complexity to let administrators do their jobs with a single click as well. For example, an admin might ask for a list of learners who haven’t completed mandatory compliance training yet and immediately receive it.

How does Absorb LMS leverage Gen-AI and machine learning?

Unlike other vendors that confusingly equate machine learning and gen-AI with no tangible benefit for learners, Absorb LMS created Absorb Intelligence to be a practical tool. One of its best features is called Intelligent Assist which automates tasks that previously had to be performed manually. For example, you can say “Enroll the sales department in the new sales training class” and it will be completed with a single confirmatory click. 

Absorb Pinpoint is also a massive time saver. This add-on uses natural language processing to automatically timestamp and transcribe video training content. If learners search for a specific piece of information, they are taken directly to the point of a video where it’s discussed instead of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding at random. This makes training content more accessible and therefore more useful. 

Absorb Intelligence even leverages machine learning to deliver an enhanced search experience. Results are ranked according to historical user choices, prioritizing popular content while irrelevant information is gradually eliminated from the search entirely. These recommendations are constantly evolving as your business adds new courses, ensuring your workers always receive up-to-date suggestions. 

All of these tools come with the intuitive UI that Absorb LMS is known for, so your employees won’t need a degree in software engineering to take full advantage of them. Furthermore, other Absorb LMS customers won’t affect what your staff sees. The search function will only display materials your team has access to, and Absorb Intelligence “learns” separately for each client. 

Discover more about Absorb LMS and other LMS solutions on FindAnLms.com

Absorb Intelligence is among the e-learning industry’s most powerful tools of its type and serves as a key differentiator between Absorb LMS and other LMS solutions. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that Absorb LMS would be the right LMS for you. 

When you create a free account on FindAnLMS.com, you’ll receive immediate access to a list of the best LMS vendors curated by online learning expert Craig Weiss himself. You’ll also see exclusive ratings and insights, comprehensive feature lists, and the ability to search for anything you like. You can even save a list of favorites for future review and compare up to four vendors head-to-head. When you’ve made a decision, all contact information is provided so you can reach out to the vendor directly. 

Your organization needs a solid LMS to pursue its training goals, and FindAnLMS.com is the best way to find one!